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Summary: I just wanted to see the stars and avoid what the so-called civilized people call Civilization

Madelyne Bishop

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Humans


Madelyne is a former Military Service Member and can be charming in her own way though she has what many might refer to as a rather dry wit about her that is coupled with a rather sarcastic take on most every subject she encounters.

Born and raised aboard ship, Madelyne has sixth sense when it comes to finding a problem aboard ship as well as performing her day-to-day shipboard tasks. Which earned her some recognition in her days in the Fleet Naval Service.

Physical Description

A woman of fair appearance with a solid but petite build who stands not much more then 5'5" on a good day. Madelyne has an almost snow white complextion with white hair of almost the same shade and eyes that are more snowy grey then blue.

Dress wise Madelyne prefers a black on black layered thermal skin suit under a standard jacket of the same material. She also tends to wear a utility belt and is armed with a standard military pulser and combat knife.

Ship Name

The Barcelona
Hyperion Escort Class (Refit)
Registeration# 2200-77562

Ship Description

The Barcelona is a former military escort vessel refit for cargo and passenger services. Smaller in size comparatively to the larger service fleet vessels. “The Barcelona” is roughly 398’ in length and about 72’ in height with a width of some 88’.

A full 3/4th of the vessel is allocated to unpressurized cargo space divided into 4 individual Cargo holds ( The forward Cargo hold fitted to act as a shuttle or receiving bay ). The command deck is located at the top of the ship and the three additional decks below it are fitted for passengers and crew.

** Rough Build Concept

1) Command Desk, Comm Systems, Med-bay.
2) Mess Hall, Kitchen, Rec Room, Entertainment Center, Lounge, Med-Bay, Crew Quarters (10).
3) Passenger Quarters (30), Passenger Gym, Quarterdeck and Passenger Airlocks (2)
4) Engineering Access, Ships Systems Access, Life Support Systems Access, Primary Computer Core.

Current Capabilities (start with Life Support and Basic Communications)

Life Support (Minimum-Safe)
Basic Comm (Limited Range)


Madelyne was born and raised aboard ship and had learned more about ships and ship-based systems before she was able to read and write fleet standard. By the time she was sixteen she had been shuffled back and forth among the dozen or so vessels owned by her extended family and family friends in an effort to expand her education and knowledge of shipboard systems.

At seventeen while serving as crew aboard one of her cousins merchant vessel’s Madelyne found herself drafted into Fleet Naval Service during a standard security inspection. A unexpected career change that proved to be to the young Madelyne's advantage who served in Fleet Service for another 12 years before she found that further advancement amonst the ranks was no longer possible due to her lack of social contacts with either wealth or influence.

The Barcelona oddly enough was won from one of her uncle's during a friendly game-of-chance played shortly after she had left the service. A derelict vessel salvaged from “the Reach” with no prospective buyers on the horizon. Madelyne is fairly certain that she was set-up but not one simply throw the baby out with the bath water she spent the next 10 months along with all of her personnal savings putting the vessel back in working order.

Madelyne was flying " The Barelona " solo to “New Republic Station” where her had planned to hook-up with the family merchant fleet and crew the vessel.

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Image of Madelyne Bishop
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