Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

Briefly there was the sound of static followed by the sound of music playing in the background. A voice screaming demands over the short range radio in what sounded like Russian.

“ What part of -No Power!- are you not understanding buddy ? ”

The voice continued screaming its demands clearly oblivious to what was being said.

“ Hey, It’s simple math comrade. No Power No Stopping. You better keep that tugboat at range because this crate weighs in at 5.5k tons and we are not stopping at the moment to pick up passenger’s.”

The voice on the short range continued screaming its demands again clearly ignoring the woman speaking.*

“He did not … He did just park that piece of shit in front of us. Is this guy stupid?”

A moment later there was the sound of collision alarms followed by a loud metallic boom and someone cursing sharply in the background.

“ Oh Shit… Oh Shit… I think, I think we just ran him over. “

Static filled the channel briefly.

“ Oh yeah, right there, right there, I can see wreckage and a debris trail along the port side there. Real bright move there dump-ass. “

The signal cuts out at this point.

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