Could Be Worse

There was a long pause followed by a series of clicks before the now familiar voice of the Barcelona spoke.

"I'm gonna go with hurt perhaps being an understatement in this instance."

The voice have a long sigh.

"I'd lay good odds on dead or soon will be given what little I saw of his vessel after the Barcelona ran him over."

She paused briefly.

"Honestly, I don't know what had gotten into that guys head but parking that 20 to 30 ton piece of junk in the flight path of an oncoming 5,500 ton cargo vessel was not the brightest move in my book."

The was a sharp snap followed by a hissing sound.

"Well the good news is my comm is now fully operational again and we are broadcasting live from the ass end of space. Which in my humble opinion is a vast improvement over what I had going a few hours ago."


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