OOC - Main Beacon Stream

Until the other features are unlocked in this game, we will use this post as the current stream, AKA the list of communiques relayed through the beacon.

Main Beacon Stream

* Ok, so who's all here? "C88 Acknowledges"
* Barcelona gives good detailed status "Ship in Distress"
* I'm lonely, too "I Wish I Had a Cigar"
* Why you mad bro? "I'll sue ya"
* Might as well enjoy life - hello? "A Good Cigar"
* Traverse can hardly mayday "A Message in the Black"
* Tully tries to say hi back "Return Static"
* I ping Delphia and Marazelli "Ping"
* Obadiah Trellhawn and damn static "Damned contraption"
* first communique of the Charlie-88 "This is C88 LRP"

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