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Summary: Flying all up into your bidness

Fou'ro Silllas

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Avi


Son of Silllas clan chieftan (prince), head of the Tunoa scouts who hunt for and stand guard over most Avi nests and villas.

Physical Appearance

Fou'ro is a fairly typical Avi in size and shape, tall and slender with light blue skin. The feathers on his wings are mostly dark blue, matching his eyes, although the underside of his feathers can present as bright white when when he gets excited. His face is sleek and his browline makes for an angry-looking expression, hiding most of his emotions.

Personality and interests

Fou'ro is a jovial person around his clan and other Avi, but he is quiet, stern, and reserved around others. He is valiant and honorable, but often brash. While there are hints of "magics" in him, he has yet to express them or show interest.

His favorite games involve hunting fish from the air and a unique dice & chit game known only to the Avi.



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