OOC - Current Timeline

The Current Timeline Is...

The time directly after The Artifact landed.

New Players: Your first post should be your character's written account of The Artifact's descent. Be as descriptive as you'd like and include what your character was doing before and after the event took place.


What All This Means

This thread is dedicated to the <b>current</b> timeline. Whenever a big milestone event happens, the timeline will move forward. This won't be happening often, but when it does it's something everyone should know about.

New Characters - First Posts

You will be making your first posts based on the current timeline. Do not write your first taking place during a past timeline, though of course your character's history may be repeated, brought up, or otherwise mentioned. Just make sure the current timeline is WHEN your post takes place.

What Does This Mean For Ongoing Threads?

In short, nothing. Keep posting in ongoing threads until they are finished. This might mean you're posting for an old thread while also posting about the new current timeline, and that's fine.

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