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Summary: Aristocrat, Failure, Negotiator, Weak, Musician. Looking for lady luck to smile on him once again.

Rex Underwood

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Gender: Male

Age: 53 going on 65

Group: Person


Failed Aristocrat.


French but lived in America since he was in his late 20s.


Inherited a failing winery. Good at negotiation, lying, persuasion and getting others do to all the work. Secretly hopes to find approval by others.

Physical Appearance

Short, thin and frail. Rex is 5'4" on a good day and 145 pounds drenched. Physical labor is foreign to Rex. Appearance is extremely important even if its a mirage. Always in a dapper suit, glasses, well maintained hair, and consistently feathered mustache.

Personality and interests

Rex comes across as arrogant and pompous to others. Usually not wanting to lift a finger to help, he isn't afraid to give his opinions. Never having done much on his own and coasting through life on other's coattails, Rex relies on his silver tongue to get him by. He has found a knack for persuasion and negotiation.
Rex enjoys the piano, reading people and secretly wants to gain others approval.


Rex was born in France with a silver spoon. His parents owned the successful winery Château Brane-Cantenac. Rex was popular growing up because of his money, however his only real friends were maids, butlers, drivers and employees. His parents frowned on things like sports so music became Rex's outlet focusing on piano.
In 1890 French wineries took a major hit because of a bacteria attacking vineyard. It was soon discovered that American rootstalk combined with French vines combated the bacteria and soon Rex's family picked up and moved to America.
Château Brane-Cantenac never gained the same popularity in America. However instead of focusing on helping the family business, Rex focused on finding a wife, eventually marrying the daughter of a Professor named Virginia Wilson at the age of 34. They had one daughter name Beverly.
In 1914 Rex was living the high life. He was married with a daughter he loved, living off his parents money in blissful ignorance.
In 1915 his luck changed. Both his parents died of the flu thrusting the failing Château Brane-Cantenac on his lap.
The next year a fire not only took half of his vineyard but his wife and daughter while he was away on a business trip.
In 1918 Château Brane-Cantenac completely folded under the pressure of the impending prohibition.
In 1919 at the end of his rope with no family, no business, and a depleted family fortune, Rex was at the edge of a bridge with tears in his eyes....just about to take a step forward...

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Image of Rex Underwood
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