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Summary: Self-styled freedom fighter and political activist. Well-intentioned, but likely full of shit.

Charlie McIntyre

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks like he's in his early 20s

Group: Person


Political dissident/unemployed veteran


(French schooling and citizenship)


Fast-talking: An anecdote for every occasion and a smarmy response for every slight.

French schooling: An academic with a focus in politics and philosophy. Secretly quite adept at equestrian-related skills and high-society etiquette. Fluent in English (Scots) and French. Passable in German (but obviously not a native speaker), can read Latin if given enough time to recite his declensions.

Military training: Handy in a scrap and well-versed in French military equipment (would be carrying a Ruby pistol, if permitted). Trained in basic first-aid.

Physical Appearance

A young Scottish man with a continental streak -- well-preened but low-key French fashion adapted to fit in with the working class (not to mention the idyllic Scottish climate). You wouldn't think tweed could be so versatile, but Charlie finds a way to pull it off. Short cropped black hair and clean-shaven. At once both unremarkable and incredibly well-composed and purposeful.

Charlie's of average height, wiry build and good posture. Complains about a bum knee from time to time, but is it his left or his right...?

Personality and interests

Stubborn, with a romantic view of lost causes and underdogs. So, Scottish. But Charlie's tremendous beef with authority has only grown in the wake of the Great War -- forced labor and battlefield experience will do that to you.

The way Charlie talks and presents himself, you're never quite sure if he's well-traveled and well-read, or just well-read and full of shit. There's an anecdote for most any occasion, and if he were to ever put his life's story to paper, it'd sound like a Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Arguing is a sport for Charlie, where he's just as hard to pin down.


Charlie is yet another entry in the proud tradition of Scottish well-to-dos exporting their children to France for schooling -- according to him, his parents were a French socialite and a Scottish captain of industry. Most of his teens were spent milling about Paris, studying and talking shop in coffee houses and getting far too "enlightened" for his own good.

When it came time to return in May 1914, the Great War loomed. But Charlie didn't head back to his native Glasgow -- he stayed in France. Was this a reluctance to return home? An affinity for the French way of life? Well, here's how Charlie tells it:

"Ah went tae tha station 'n said ah was boond fae Cambria (ken me a bonnie lass frae school wha hailed frae there). They sent me tae Cambrai. FOOKIN' CAMBRAI! Clase enough, ah said -- go' a touch o' Francais en me anyhou. Ye cannae ken how spot-oan mah French be after all thase years. Naebody tha wiser."

In any case, his timing was impeccable; the Great War broke out in short order, and soon Charlie found himself swept up in the fighting around Cambrai. He doesn't talk much about how he got involved or his actual level of participation. But he will of course speak at length about his tenure in a forced labor camp during the occupation.

After his liberation in the winter of 1918 and the twilight of the war, Charlie found himself back in Glasgow, vying for work with the many, many other displaced Scots for employment -- which was near nonexistent in the post-war slump. Considering the colossal chip on his shoulder, it was with great interest when he heard tell of the union attempts to push for a 40 hour work-week. Again, Charlie won't speak of how closely involved he was, but he certainly was present for the Battle of George Square, once again facing down soldiers, rifles and tanks all -- but this time, those of Britain.

Things get hazy after that, but Charlie could be found just adjacent to just about whatever reactionary political group was in vogue at that point on the continent. Though he did always talk big about wanting to do unspeakable things to Andrew Carnegie...

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