Where am I? How dare you! Rex awakes...

Rolling to your side on a hard cold floor can cause quite a bit of pain when you are 53 years old and becoming more frail every day you survive in this miserable world. Muscles ache, joints creak, and your hips....fuck your hips feel like the bones are grinding into dust. A soft warm bed was about the only thing left Rex had left in this world.

Grabbing his hip and trying to rub the ache out, Rex woke up with a jolt. "What the hell? Where am I? Why am I on the floor?" Laying there staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, suddenly a calm comes to his face, an unexpected grin creeps across his dry lips. "I did it. I really did it. Oh my god I really did it!!" Rex exclaims starting off as a quiet whisper and turning into a loud almost desperate howl. Remembering wanting to end it all was about the only thing Rex could remember. But why? Sadness and loneliness seem so familiar but he couldn't remember the reason. Is this heaven? No I wouldn't be in so much pain Rex thinks. Suddenly Rex closes his eyes again "Shit".

After a couple of minutes of an internal debate on whether one feels physical pain in hell, Rex sighs, opens his eyes and starts to make way to his feet. Stiff, he uses a table to help pull him self up so he can take a look at his surroundings. A small room? No windows. No doors. No way in and no way out? Simple furniture. A table with some bread, a bit of butter and a cup with a small pitcher of water. A bookcase with some heavily read books, a vanity with no mirror, and a curule seat which Rex always hated the feel of. Never could quite get comfortable in one of those he thought.

Rex then takes a look at himself, a nice suit, fully pressed. He could feel the wax holding his hair in place, pristine spectacles....and his mustache...glorious. This place is beneath someone that looks like him. He would never own such common furniture. He would never eat such peasant food. He just knows it. What the hell is going on? Why can't I remember anything?

Not one to be the butt of someone else's joke, Rex then takes the cup off the table and starts to bang the bottom of it against the wall shouting "Let me out!" "How dare you!"

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