I will not be made a fool...

"Not going to have the guts to answer me huh? Chicken Shit!" Rex yelled out after hearing nothing but the echo of the metal cup he banged against the wall. Someone knew he was there, someone did this to him, someone else was in control and nothing pissed Rex off more.

But his anger subsided quickly as he noticed the bookcase beside him. Growing up with maids and butlers as your only friends, Rex would follow them around as they performed their duties usually blabbering and boasting about things that never happened to him at school. Many of these duties included the cleaning and dusting of antique furniture. So Rex was quick to notice when an old, worn down, ancient relic had not a single piece of dust on the whole thing. But the contents of the bookcase, these old texts couldn't been been touched for years right? Rex drops down to his knees and digs through the books and knickknacks...nothing. No dirt...no dust...these items had to have just been placed here. Before he got here? After he got here? How long has he even been in this room? How long was he knocked out for before he woke up? His mind raced.

"I will not be made a fool!" Rex shouted as he shoves all the books off the bookcase. After his tantrum and some pacing, Rex thinks to himself. Could that bookcase been the last thing placed in this room? If so then I bet there is a small door, or hole in the wall behind it. That had to be how he was put into the room. Rex goes over to the bookcase, takes his best rugby crouch and flings his frail old man body against it hoping to reveal a secret passage of some sort out of this place....and not reveal the fact that he never played rugby nor the fact his frail body was one good thwack away from another busted hip.

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