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Summary: The first Vampire

Ivar Van Zinsul

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Leaders


Kingdom of Unila


He is skilled in sword fighting, archery, horse riding, and hand to hand combat.
He has enhanced senses, speed and strength. He has a regenerative abilities as well. He also doesn't age.
He can shapeshift(wolf, fog, cloud of bats, etc) He also can command bats, wolves and ravens.

Magic (if any)

Blood magic-He can create control the blood of himself and others, make weapons or cause someone's heart to explode.

Physical Appearance

He has long white hair, pale skin, icy blue eyes. He wears dark clothing and armour. He is at a height of 6'2 and a weight of 150, but he has a muscular build that is covered in scars.

Personality and interests

Ivar only cares for his people and will do whatever is necessary to protect his people and kingdom. He is ruthless and cruel with his enemies, but kind and caring to his allies. He just want their to be peace.


Ivar was raised to be a warrior, he took lady Emily Unia as his wife, she gave birth to a son and two daughters. Ivar watched his son, Cain and his two daughters, Elizabeth and Wendy closely. He ended up forming a rivalry with the King of Zoria, King Derian. This would lead to him dying in a raid, his son gravely wounded, his wife close to death and his two daughters kidnapped. He would then prey to any god who would listen. The god who answer his prayers would be Vampeer, God of Night and Blood.


He always keeps his sword, Tor. It is a magical longsword that can be amplified by using blood magic.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

The curse of vampirism

Health (Both mental and physical)

He can harmed by Radiance magic, holy magic or weapons and can only die if his head is cut off, burned, then his heart stabbed by blackwood stake.

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Image of Ivar Van Zinsul
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