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Summary: Wife of Ivar

Emily Van Zinsul

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Gender: Female

Age: 37

Group: Leaders


Kingdom of Unlia


She has enhanced senses, speed and strength. She has a regenerative abilities as well. She also doesn't age.
She can shapeshift(wolf, fog, cloud of bats, etc) She also can command bats, wolves and ravens.

Magic (if any)

None at all

Physical Appearance

She has dark hair, fair skin, a modest body and feminine figure. She is 5'2 in height and 100 in pounds. She has ruby eyes.

Personality and interests

Emily is a caring woman who will show compassion to even slaves. She despises cruel and arrogant people. She will become a nightmare to her enemies if provoked enough.


Emily married Ivar due to her father being a long time friend of his father. Emily immediately fell in love with Ivar. She watched her children with great importance. When they were attacked, Ivar asked her if she wanted to see her family as a monster, she didn't care and allowed him to turn her.


None at all.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Nope on this

Health (Both mental and physical)

She has vampirism

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Image of Emily Van Zinsul
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