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Summary: A King cursed to his name

The Iron King(Darien Coldston)

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Magical beings/Demons/Angels/etc


Once Human
Cursed Construction made from a material that resembles Iron
Kingdom of Zoria-Ex King
The Iron Army


He is skilled in sword fighting, archery, horse riding, and hand to hand combat.
He is arrow proof, elemental proof, made out of a very strong metal material. Is extremely strong, and can smash down doors without any problem. He can also command a giant army of metal constructed soldiers.
His blood is now molten metal and he can spray it out of himself

Magic (if any)

Demonic Magics

Physical Appearance

He is a gigantic iron golem like creature. He stands about 10'11 in height. He seems to be made out of iron, but it's much stronger than iron.

Personality and interests

He was an ambitious man who will do whatever he has to do for the benefit of his kingdom. He would backstab and slaughter whoever he had to in order for his kingdom. He wouldn't hesitate to stomp on a child if he has to.
Noe he is a machine of destruction and war. Twiated up by the demonic magics and his rage, he doesn't see anyone of flesh as his ally, only seeing his metal soldiers loyal to him.


Darien lost his mother and father at a young age to war. He was placed on the throne at the age of seven. Since then he has taught himself whatever he had to in order for his kingdom to survive. He married, but she died by the same disease as his parents. Unable to have children, he decided he would have to find a successor, so he needed someone he knew to marry a noblewoman. He decided to kidnap Ivar's daughters and have them marry one of his close friends so that he could merge the two kingdoms and have it florish.

That was until Mantis betrayed him and sent him to die, the demon Dothar gave him a ring that led him to become the Iron King.


He has two enchanted greatswords which will set fire on command. His body is his armor.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Curse of Iron-He is cursed as a machine of destruction and death.

Curse of the Crown-However wears the Crown of Iron can command him, he is forced to do whatever the wearer orders him to do.

Health (Both mental and physical)

He is a cursed machine of Iron, and is mentally unstable.

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Image of The Iron King(Darien Coldston)
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