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Summary: King of Zoria

Darien Coldston

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Leaders


Kingdom of Zoria


He is skilled in sword fighting, archery, horse riding, and hand to hand combat.

Magic (if any)

None at all

Physical Appearance

He is a man with grey and brown hair, and a very muscular build. He has brown eyes and his height is at 6'5 and wiwghtbis at 450 pounds.

Personality and interests

He is a ambitious man who will do whatever he has to do for the benefit of his kingdom. He will backstab and slaughter whoever he has to in order for his kingdom. He will not hesitate to stomp on a child if he has to.


Darien lost his mother and father at a young age to war. He was placed on the throne at the age of seven. Since then he has taught himself whatever he had to in order for his kingdom to survive. He married, but she died by the same disease as his parents. Unable to have children, he decided he would have to find a successor, so he needed someone he knew to marry a noblewoman. He decided to kidnap Ivar's daughters and have them marry one of his close friends so that he could merge the two kingdoms and have it florish.


He has an a enchanted greatsword that can set ablaze on command. He also has thick black armour that is has magical protection on it.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

None at all

Health (Both mental and physical)

He is very healthy for his age

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Image of Darien Coldston
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