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Summary: Some princess are tough

Mary Van Zinsul

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Nobles


Kingdom of Unlia


She is skilled in archery and horseback riding. She is also a great hunter.

Magic (if any)

None at all

Physical Appearance

She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She has a modest and feminine body. She is at a height of 5'1 and a weight of 150.

Personality and interests

She is very tomboyish, unlike her shy sister she is very bold and daring. She likes a good challenge and action.


Mary was also raised to be a lady like her sister, of course she decided that wasn't her cup of tea and instead had the hunters train her. When she was kidnapped, she was biting, screaming and fighting in rage.


A bow and arrows

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)


Health (Both mental and physical)

She is healthy in both ways.

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Image of Mary Van Zinsul
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