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Summary: Orc warrior of Zoria

Karzo Redback

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Gender: Male

Age: 46

Group: Middle class


Kingdom of Zoria


He is skilled in raiding, siege and close combat. He is always seen in the thickest part of a battle.
He is super strong and resilient to attacks.

Magic (if any)


Physical Appearance

He is a large orc with salt and pepper hair and beard. He has green skin and brown eyes. He is very muscular and at a height of 7'3 and 520 pounds in weight.

Personality and interests

Karzo is a orc who is very honorable and loves the thrill of combat. He however he does have his own rules in combat that he follows and never breaks.


Karzo was recruited by Darien to be his siege general after the orc had proven himself in a siege. He accepted and has been a loyal friend to the king. He lead a attack on the kingdom of Unlia by the orders of the king Darien and kidnapped the two princesses after wounding Ivar.


He wields a large orc blade and wears orcish armour

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)


Health (Both mental and physical)

He is very healthy in both worlds.

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Image of Karzo Redback
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