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Summary: I will create a haven for the outcasts.


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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Peasants/common


Halfling - of no kingdom


Able to craft weapons

Fair with the weapons he creates

Very charming when people overlook the fact he's a halfling.

Magic (if any)

None to speak of.

Physical Appearance

About as tall as a barrel - 3 feet. Sandy, orange and brown hair.

Personality and interests

Carving out a place for himself and other outcasts in this chaos.

He can be friendly, unless you pick on his stature.


A no one really of any breeding or birthright. He's had to work twice as hard to compensate for his size and how others would treat him. This has led him to hate most people larger than himself or whom would take advantage of his size. He hates people who abuse, enslave, or destroy others for their differences.


A crossbow with special bolts that are extra sharp - they pierce very deep for their small size and have barbs that if pulled cause more damage when removed.

A special longbow, hidden in a walking staff.

Daggers, his preferred weapon, which he has MANY of and is very good at throwing.

Bedroll and kit for carving, crafting, hammering, etc tools/weapons.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

One might call his height a curse.

Health (Both mental and physical)

Decent. He's quick, as a halfling, so he's able to dodge attacks from larger foes pretty easily and being smaller he's harder to hit. When struck, it's usually a graze, rather than a direct hit.

He is very smart.

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Image of Nirick
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