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Summary: Is this what I'm destined for?

Mantis Quicksilver

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Gender: Male

Age: 134

Group: Nobles


Elf/ Kingdom of Zoria


Master Swordsman

Magic (if any)

Can render himself incorporeal - a puff of smoke - at will, along with the enchanted armor he wears as does his sword. (See history for backstory on that)

He can only remain as such for a second or two, enough to evade blows at times and pass through doors (painfully - see Enchantments) or thin walls (anything but solid rock).

Physical Appearance

Tall and lean
Young for an elf, but a seasoned warrior who earned his stripes as an assassin and now acts as captain of the palace guards and bodyguard to the king and royal family.

Personality and interests

Tired of the bloodshed and wants peace and a life.

On the surface, seems utterly loyal to the king.

Very proper, in public, but carries a reserved, quiet and thoughtful side.


Is from a line of elves whom possess a familial trait, allowing the magic power he possesses. Parent to child it is passed on, he received it from his father. There is only one set of armor and the sword that can also turn incorporeal and only if the person wearing it or holding the sword possesses the magic ability. He inherited it from his father at his passing, the former captain of the palace guards who died protecting King Darien Coldston's father. His family has served the line for a millennia.


Magic sword and armor that can turn incorporeal with it's owner.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Earthen weapons are his line's downfall - anything of wood or stone - but not metal, may strike him when incorporeal and render him solid at once and if those items make contact with the armor when corporeal, they deal immensely painful damage to the wearer.

Health (Both mental and physical)

If he survives long enough, he'd live to be several hundred years old and likely have excellent physical health for up to around 500 years.

He is thoughtful but not overly intelligent. He is eloquent with his words though - intimidating in his battle cries/speak and charming in the written word but struggles to be charming in voice.

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Image of Mantis Quicksilver
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