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Summary: Lesser demons that command Imps

Imp Lords-NPC

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Gender: Masculine

Age: Unknown

Group: NPC


Lesser demon
The Black Burning Hells


These demons are large and brutish being incredibly strong and resilient to damage. Conventional weapons do little or minor damage to them, they can also command Imps of all kinds. They have large wings that allow them to fly as well a tail with a snake head.

Magic (if any)


Physical Appearance

The are 5-6 ft tall demons with large muscular build with a flat face with a crown of horns. They have two large wings on their back and a tail that has a snake head at the end.

Personality and interests

They are crude and aggressive, as well as being sadistic. They can burst out in rage often and beat around the Imps they command.


A minor leader in the Hierarchy in the Black Burning hells, Imp Lord follow under Imp Kings or Imp Queens who follow under the Imp God Mertusus.


They would crude blades or heavy blunt weapons and wear armor from scraps to fur to full plates armour, depending on rank.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

They have a rank enchantment that allows them to summon higher ranked Imps as well to control the lower ranked Imps and demons.

Health (Both mental and physical)

They are as healthy as demons can get. They are immune to disease and can be easily killed by holy or radiance magic.

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