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Summary: Little demons

Common Imps-NPC

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Gender: Male and Female

Age: 1-20

Group: NPC


The Black Burning Hells


They are fast and cunning demons that have the ability to fly and pass information. They have razor claws and sharp teeth that can slice through flesh.

Magic (if any)

Minor pyromancy and demonic power

Physical Appearance

Common Imps are red skinned humanoids with small horns and pointy ears. They are usually ½ -2 ft tall in height. They have red or orange eyes.

Personality and interests

They are mischievous and cowardly creatures. They can easily be overpowered by some physical force, however they don't betray their masters if they fear them more than the one trying to bend them to their will.


The lowest rank of the hierarchy of the Black Burning Hells they are always servants for the higher ranked demons. However some Imps can gain ranks and become Imp Lords, in which they can become Imp kings or queens.


Whatever they get their hands on, from small blades to sharpen bones or a small blunt objects and wearing simple cloth to small armour to even being fully plated.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)


Health (Both mental and physical)

Healthy for their kind.

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Image of Common Imps-NPC
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