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Summary: Death at any price

Dothar Mandrake

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Gender: Male

Age: 382

Group: Magical beings/Demons/Angels/etc




One of the commanders of the Imp forces

Magic (if any)

Staff of Decay - Drains life from things causing them to rot and decay

Physical Appearance

Tall, regal almost, wiry

Personality and interests

Seeing all life end


Not applicable (for now anyway)


Staff of Decay, a couple dozen lesser imps, two or three undead giants

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Staff of Decay - while it drains life, it comes at a cost to Dothar - it's slowly having the reverse effect on him. He's slowly becoming more and more human, alive, and vibrant.

Health (Both mental and physical)

Right now he's in the middle in both cases - he's on the middle of two scales - genius and madness, which the more 'human' he becomes, the more insane he becomes. Similarly, as his physical condition 'improves' - he's becoming much, much weaker.

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Image of Dothar Mandrake
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