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Summary: A powerful demon.

Morkin the Imp King

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Gender: Male

Age: 1,649

Group: Magical beings/Demons/Angels/etc


Greater Demon


He is a brutal tactician with brutal strength and extremely tough.
Immune to almost all magic, expect Holy, Radiance, Healing,demonic, Angelic.

Magic (if any)

He is a powerful pyromancer and summoner. He also feeds off of souls.

Physical Appearance

He is a incredibly large demon with large black horns and deep red skin. He has glowing red eyes. He is the size of an elephant.

Personality and interests

He is crude and brutal, he isn't afraid to beat or kill lesser demons if they piss him off. He is extremely loyal to the Two Brothers(Lucian and Asmodan.)


He is the current Imp King and is loyal to the Two Brothers, (Lucian and Asmodan.)


Large demonic weapons and armour.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

He is immune to majority of magic besides Demonic, Holy, Radiance, Healing and Angelic.

Health (Both mental and physical)

He is extremely tough physically and he is strong mentally

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Image of Morkin the Imp King
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