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Summary: Son of the Black Wolf


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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Leaders


Human variant
Tribe of the Wolf.


He is skilled in swordsmanship, archery, boost morale in all of his men. Fearless, but compassionate.
In his werewolf form, which he can transform at will unlike his comrades. He is incredibly fast, strong and resilient. He has enhanced senses, Sharpe fangs and claws. He can regenerate and is almost unkillable. He also can howl which draws in other were creatures.

Magic (if any)

He doesn't care tor magic.

Physical Appearance

He is an athletic built man with black hair and beard, with yellow eyes. He wears fur armor. He is 6'2 in height and weighs 320 pounds.
In his were wolf form he is a black furred wolf humanoid with yellow eyes. He is 8'7 in height and weighs 600 pounds of pure muscle.

Personality and interests

He is a compassionate man who is more then willing take a sword for his friends. He is loyal but fierce. He respects human tribes and their ways.


Greymane is the son of the Black Wolf. Unlike his father he could transform back into a human, and unlike other werecreatures, he could transform at will. He was actually the one who brought the tribes to gather to create the Kingdom of the Moon, believe they all shared a common interest, peace.


He wields two iron hand axes, a long bow, and steel long sword.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)


Health (Both mental and physical)

He is physically strong and mentally strong.

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Image of Greymane
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