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Summary: An unkempt witch who often appears out of seemingly nowhere.

Argatha Inkwell

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Peasants/common


Human witch


She is very knowledgeable of herbs and plants as well as some alchemy. She knows basic recipes for health potions and poisons.

Magic (if any)

She can preform some basic light (radiance) magic which she uses only in moments of danger.

Physical Appearance

She has a full head of thick blonde hair with a mind of its own. She's rather short (5'4ft) and scrawny. Her overall appearance is shaggy and unkempt and she is easily hidden.

Personality and interests

She is very bad with social interactions and encounters, having been alone for quite some time. Despite this, she does enjoy being around others and gets lonely quickly-- she befriends anything she can for this reason (including inanimate objects). She likes to make jokes but is better described as awkward rather than funny.


She grew up in a little witch tribe in the outskirts of the kingdom where she learned magic and alchemy. When she was 16 her home village was raided and the tribe murdered. She was able to slip away into the woods before anyone caught sight of her. Since then she has been trying desperately to get by, surviving off of the land and sometimes with the rare money she makes selling a potion to fellow travelers.


- A leather satchel stuffed with herbs, roots and other plants as well as a few little potions.
- A little dagger in its sheath attached to her belt.
- Three white stones about the size of her palm that she named 'eenie' 'meenie' and 'moe'-- they are her companions.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

none that she is aware of

Health (Both mental and physical)

Physically, years of having only scarce amounts of food have left her weak and in need of some more flesh on her bones.
Being left alone with her thoughts for sometimes months has made her somewhat questionable in terms of her sanity but she is a lot more resilient than she appears.

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