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Summary: The Horned One

Lucien Fallenborn

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Gender: Male

Age: Old

Group: Magical beings/Demons/Angels/etc


Fallen Angel
Demon King
One of the Two Brothers


He is an incredibly powerful and skilled warrior. With the ability to regenerate, shut off pain responses, incredible durability, and flight, he is a terrifying opponent.
He is trained and a master with all kinds of combat, but favors swordsmanship. He can summon any demon he wants and empower any weapon with demonic power.
Unlike any other demon, he can also use holy weapons. He is weaken by holy magic, radiance, holy weapons, and powerful holy relics. He is immune to being charmed, mind controlled and illusions

Magic (if any)

Body and blood

Physical Appearance

Lucien appears as a imposing horned angel, at a height of 8'9, however he can change his shape. He has long white hair and orange eyes like fire. He has two black wings and pale skin.

Personality and interests

Lucien is actually a kind soul, who believes in doing what is right, no matter what. He can be very destructive and aggressive at times. He likes to be humorous and laid back, however in the battlefield he shows his seriousness and malice.


Lucien was once one of the great Archangels of Suntus, before his brother Asmodan rebelled. Suntus would have killed him with Lucien didn't defend him and ask his father to split the punishment to the both of them. The two ended up in the Black Burning Hells and quickly took control.


Whatever he summons, usually has his sword the Blacken Sun, a powerful broadsword. He also can summon his old weapon the Dawning Justice, a holy sword.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Whatever he wants

Health (Both mental and physical)

Incredibly powerful as a demon

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Image of Lucien Fallenborn
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