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Summary: Goddess of Death, Necromancy, and Undeath


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Gender: Female

Age: Ancient

Group: Gods/Goddess


Goddess of Death, Necromancy, and Undeath


She has godly powers that allow her to rise anyone from the dead, she controls the dead and other godly powers.

Magic (if any)

And other magics

Physical Appearance

In light she looks like a beautiful woman that wears white clothing, however in the darkness she appears as a undead woman with black and decayed clothing. She can change her shape to whatever and size to be whatever she wants.

Personality and interests

She is cold, and logical. However she can be caring and even kind. However she is always straight to the point about many things.


Helena is the Godesses of death, created from the Tree the Dead, when Ombrakus created the tree after the Tree of life was created by Illumina. Shadiana made the goddess by craving a doll from the tree, the doll later became Helena.


Whatever she wants.

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Whatever she desires

Health (Both mental and physical)

She's a god.

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Image of Helena
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