Image of Iron Knights-NPC

Summary: Foot soldiers of The Iron Army

Iron Knights-NPC

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Gender: Masculine and Feminine

Age: Unknown

Group: NPC


Ex mortal creatures now living metal constructs
The Iron Army


They are powerful machines that are skilled in combat, they are made from a metal like material that resembles Iron, however they are immune to elemental magic, and the metal cannot be penetrated by arrows or swords.
They have molten blood so if they are damaged enough they will bleed it out.

Magic (if any)

Fire magic

Physical Appearance

They appear as 20 ft tall iron golem like constructions with red glowing eyes.

Personality and interests

They are machine like and only take orders from the Iron King.


They were once loyalist to king Darien who willing became the soldiers they are now when Darien returned as the Iron King.


A Large sword and sheild made from the same material as them

Enchantments/Curses-(If Any)

Curse of Iron-They are now cursed to be these Iron constructions.

Curse of Loyalty-They have no other loyalties than to serve the Iron King

Health (Both mental and physical)

They are cursed and they are mentality dead.

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