Malina ran over and hugged Elizabeth goodbye then returned to Annalise and Nirick. Once they were set in their room, a guard stationed at their door - for their "protection" - Nirick checked the room and found it safe.

The ladies explained what they'd shared and learned. Together, they knelt together in prayer. "Vampeer... what are your orders?"

~ ~ ~

Mantis waited until he knew he was truly alone. He couldn't explain why he was following the Baron, but he did. For a brief moment, he hesitated, but then felt something like a bee sting in his neck. All doubt was gone. Unknowingly, the imp now took hold, ridding him of his clarity temporarily.

The Baron walked down an alleyway. Mantis followed. He had two men with him, easily dispatched. He didn't even realize he was doing it until he pulled the sword from the Baron.

"One down, several to go..." whispered a voice.

Mantis was horrified at what he'd done but regardless, he scavenged through the men's pockets, took their valuables, and hid them away.

"Those will come in useful," the voice whispered.

What had he done?

~ ~ ~

"Yes, my King. The Leech bleeds all. He offers no salvation, no respite. He feeds off the darkness, gaining strength with every new creature he creates or one of his underlings does. It makes it harder and harder to get to him and stop him. Once all are dead, light cannot shine and he has another realm of the Blue Hells to call home. If he has two, we cannot protect ourselves from him," Dothar replied.

~ ~ ~

"I will see to my people's safety, first and foremost. And I do not go to make a treaty or ally, just to see what his intentions are. What else would you have me do? Give up my existence and join the rest of you, who've sold yourselves over to the animal within?" Brianne asked.

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