Night and Day

Vampeer answered Nirick, "Stay in the room, don't give them a reason to be suspicious of you. Watch your surroundings. I have a feeling that demons of the Black Burning Hells are among you. Be careful."
The Imp smiled, Mantis was under his control. "Now, find a room to reside, leave no evidence of his death leading to you. Be like a shadow."
Morkin let out a deep sigh, "I believe that one of the Imps has gotten ahold of one of the King's most trusted in Zoria. Head to Zoria, the mortals might trust us more."
Greymane sighed, "Did you not hear these guards? They plan to eradicate us. I respect your reason for not wanting to become a beast. However, you forget that some of us didn't have a choice."

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