"Yes master," Nirick replied. He turned to his wives. "So... what will we do to pass the time?"

And the Zorian soldier standing guard outside their door felt very awkward at the array of sounds coming from their room.

~ ~ ~

Mantis had to struggle not to run and hide. He'd just killed a man in cold blood and for no justifiable reason. Or was there? That Baron was a swine. He only had the wealth he did by subjugating the poor. Mantis would be a better leader than he surely would have been.

On his way to the inn, he saw another one of the Baron's in question. He was arguing with one of his men. "What do you mean you can't find him? We were supposed to meet here an hour ago!"

"I know sir, I've been looking for him for the last hour," and the underling cowered.

Mantis couldn't believe what he did next... he reached in his pockets, took out the pendant the baron had had on him, a gift from the king, and slipped it into the other baron's pocket. By chance, shouts came from down the street from where Mantis had come and people gathered. The bodies had been found.

The widow was sobbing hysterically over the body of her husband. Who knew what fate she'd endure now. She looked up and saw the other baron. "YOU!!! He was going to meet you! What did you do to him?!"

The city guards surrounded the baron who tried to run like a panicked rabbit - the two had always hated each other. When he was caught and searched the pendant was found. No matter what he said, that would be enough to seal his fate.

Mantis headed off to his room. Oddly, he didn't feel as bad now...

~ ~ ~

"Yes sire," Dothar replied and a portal opened. He and all his followers entered. He preferred to travel the distance in his own plane of existence than this one.

~ ~ ~

"Life is a choice and given yours I'd of ended mine," Brianne replied. "What would you have me do? Ally with a human who slaughtered the whole kingdom of his foe or the undead remains of a kingdom likely bent on a path of only vengeance and spreading their darkness across the whole of the land?"

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