Hell and Wolves

In the domain of Morkin, the land scape was filled with variety, from barren hot plains, to black tar swamps to white mountains. This was the first level of the Black Burning Hells. Many imps flew around, feasting on the corpses of sinners, some fished in the giant river of souls. Imp Lords made bets as they watched hellhounds fight each other. Morkin himself resided on a ruined castle of one of the bone bleached mountains. This is the place Dothar called home.
Greymane gave a small sigh, "As much as I hate working with a undead, the other tribes trust him. Hell, even the Black Wolf trust his intentions." He thought for a moment, "However, if you are worried for your people, maybe I can make you an offer." He looked around before leaning closer to Brianne, "If your people move east, past the mountain borders of the Frozen Plains, there should be the silver ocean. You can take it to find the forest landscape of the wood elves."

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