Seeing a king

Dothar went before Morkin, after checking his guise. He used to love the cesspools outside of Morkin's throne, the way the acid burned the flesh off and created just a bubbly effervescence... like the human champagne. And it had tasted as sweet to him as honey once had when he was a human. But now, he couldn't stomach it and when Morkin offered him a glass he felt awkward declining it.

"Sire, how would you suggest I approach Darien? He seems bent on destroying everything around him. While the devastation he left in Unlia is more akin to here than anywhere else I've ever seen, I don't think any human king would want to call that home."

~ ~ ~

"The Wood Elves?" Brianne thought. "Abandon our home?" She had to think about that. Surely the tribe would never go for it but she saw no other path forward.

"Why would you suggest such a course for my tribe? Trying to get rid of us?"

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