Asmodan and Safety

Morkin sat on his ebony throne, "Darien isn't afraid to kill a child if he had to, the whole reason he is called the Iron King." He was about to relax when he froze, a dark shadow with three glowing purple eyes rose from the ceiling, a humanoid face appeared from the giant shadow on the ceiling, "Morkin." The deep voice spoke and shook the room. Morkin bowed before it, "Lord Asmodan, what do you need your greatness."
Asmodan's face spoke, "Dothar, I want you to explain yourself. Your interest to the human is concerning, is it perhaps you have gotten closer to your human roots once again?" Morkin stood up and looked at Dothar.
Greymane shook his head, "If you worried for your people's safety, that would be the safest place to be. The Iron King will stop at nothing until his kingdom is the only one standing. The undead king will bend this land for his people. I know for a fact that normal mortals will not want to be living here. If you wish to stay, that is your choice, however I can't protect your people forever."

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