Simple offerings

"My lord," Nirick said with a bow, "my size is seen as my greatest hindrance but I see it as one of my greatest assets. Observe..." And he strolled over to a ghoul nearby. The creature was clearly being restrained by some unseen force. Nirick took off his cape, undid a clasp on it and whirled it around, saying, "Now release the creature and let him try to eat me."

And at once the ghoul was on the hunt like a hound, scurrying about, looking for Nirick. Try as it might, it could not find him. With it's back turned, Nirick stood, threw a bola at it, which wrapped it up and it was incapable of coming after him. "Even though the creature saw me, with my cape and my skills to have it blend in with the area around it - which is not magic but intellect - make it impossible to be seen."

"Also, if there are creatures you do not mind losing, loose them upon me now, 3-4 should do for this demonstration."

Again, a pair of ghouls, some sort of undead dog, and a half-bat/half-human creature tore out of the darkness towards Nirick. He withdrew his crossbow quickly and somehow managed to fire multiple shots without a reload. The ghouls took small bolts to their faces. They seemed more stunned than defeated and struggled to pull on them. Dropping that, he tumbled and leapt to the back of the undead dog, riding it like a horse, and pulled a longbow from his staff. Even riding a bucking dog, he loosed an arrow through the half-bat, which pinned it against the wall. From hidden sheaths up his sleeves, a pair of daggers protruded and Nirick made quick work with a flurry of stabs to the dog. Nirick just turned and returned to face Ivar, whom pointed out that the ghouls still stood. Nirick just grinned. The ghouls grabbed at the bolts. One, somehow seemed to keep driving it in deeper and deeper at each attempt to grasp it. Soon it was down. The other, annoyed, grabbed hold of the bolt it it's eye and yanked, ripping out most of his face in the process.

"Primarily, I'm a designer of weapons. I can fire four shots from my crossbow before I need to reload and have created special bolts that inflict serious and unexpected damage to one when struck. As you can see from our flying friend, he is stuck. See him struggling? He's willing to tear the arrow from himself yet he cannot remove it. Also, the arrow, seemingly normal in size and ability, has managed to pin a heavy object off the ground, struck into solid stone. Its a combination of a special arrow and shot from a compound bow. Lastly, my own skill and dexterity as a halfling allows me to do as you saw with the dog."

"So how may I serve thee, my lord?"

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