A place to call home

Darien can't believe that he was working with demons, but it was happening, "There is some uninhabited territory in the mountains that we control, I will allow your people to reside there, however if you break any boundaries or rules of my kingdom, I will send you back to where you came, understand me?" He clutched the hilt of his sword.
Greymane grabbed her hand and moved it away from his 'member'. "That is a discovery that can wait, if you really want to keep your people safe, I suggest speaking to my father, not trying to seduce me." He looked back at her unconscious captains, "If you want, I can take them back to your village, it won't be hard for me." He pushed past her to go to the captains, "Also, don't try me, never test a wolf. My mother would tell you that from experience, it doesn't always work out in your favor."

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