The first steps of a conquest

Ivar could tell Vampeer approved of the halfling, in which Ivar just nodded, "A weapon designer, something we do need." It was due to the fact they were ill prepared when Karzo attacked Unlia, but now they had someone who could not only make them weapons, but ones that none have seen before. "Nirick, my first order is to produce weapons for my army, thankfully not alone." He motioned his head and the a couple zombies stepped forward, "These will be your servants, tell them exactly what to do and they will follow." Ivar was about to speak again, but Vampeer cut him off, "Allow me to guide you to the royal forge, I made sure it's up to your liking." Ivar knew they didn't have a forge just before, but knowing the God, he just created it. Vampeer motioned for Nirick to follow him down to the lower floors of the castle, Ivar looked at Nirick. "Follow Lord Vampeer, you are dismissed." Emily joined Ivar's side, "So you are listening to Vampeer's idea?" Ivar nodded, "Let us prepare for the Conquest of Night."

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