From the Shadows

Karzo guided Nirick to the carriage, "You may ride with your wives and the princess, no funny business." He turned to look at Mantis, "Thank you, Mantis are you alright, you look like you haven't slept all night."
Inside the carriage Elizabeth looked at Nirick, "May I ask why did you allied yourself with my father? I love him, but from what I'm hearing, he's not one of the living anymore." Mary looked outside, "I think that's the least of our concerns."
From the shadows came out the figure, "You dare speak to me in that manner?" Ombrakus manifested as the terrifying figure that he was, all the Imps fled in fear, hiding behind Dorthar. The God of Darkness gave the demons a twisted smile, "I haven't seen so much bloodshed since the fall of the Utopia. That was about, 500 years ago."
Darien didn't flinch as Brianne killed her captains, instead he slowly got from his throne. "Not of darkness? Not a beast? By the look of your captains, you lied." He draw out his sword, "Let me guess, you came here to see if you could save your people, sadly for you, I will show no mercy. I will burn, mame and slaughter ever single one of your people." The Zorian guards knew what has going to happen, they readied their spears. "You will watch it as well, barbarian." The Iron King pointed his sword at her, "Throw her in the deepest dungeon. After you are done, clean this place up. The princesses are arriving."
(You can fight your way out of this if you want, if not then you will be beaten to a bloody pulp.

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