"Me? Funny business? Never," Nirick said with a big grin and took a seat opposite the princesses, between his wives, whom he gave a sweet kiss to each. Malina hooked his arm in hers and stroked it gently. Anna turned a bit to lean up against him, caressing his thigh.

"I am of Unlia. It is my home. I didn't take kindly to anyone coming in and ravaging the land. A person has choices to make and for your father, it was die and have no control over your fate or make the deal he did to see you freed and safe." He leaned in. "Your father has asked I keep you safe and play to the king's desires to see his full intentions and route him incorrectly if possible. Let's just say all is not as it may have seemed to be when the demon Vampeer and I fought..."

~ ~ ~

Mantis yawned and feigned fatigue for other reasons. "Too much of the local brew last night. I haven't been away from the castle for a while and thought I'd relax a bit more than usual last night." He tried to feign more cordiality than what was normal for him but he needed to avoid the issue. "I'll be fine. It's you and your captain I'm more worried about. How will that be perceived, not only as you as her superior and the differences between you and she..."

~ ~ ~

(OCC-Have to ask... who are the four gods? Ombrakus profile mentions he's one of four.)

~ ~ ~

"You could kill me... try anyway... or use me... I can kill the Black Wolf for you..."

(Doesn't matter to me how he reacts here.)

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