Lore-The Four Gods

In the beginning, before there was a universe, before there was time, there existed two beings within the Void. They were the Grand warrior of Light, and Beast of Darkness. The two of them clashed for what would have been an eternity for the right to create a universe, while the Warrior wanted to create a universe of peace and harmony surrounded by light, the Beast desired to create a universe of darkness, choas, and evil. From there battle they ended up slaying each other. Their deaths however created an explosion that caused the creation of the universe. While the hearts of the powerful being merged and became the core of the world of Xierheart, the minds and souls of the creatures reform and created new life.
The first four Gods. From the will of the Warrior was born Suntus, god of light and order, his sister Illumina, Goddess of peace and prosperity was born from the kindness of the warrior.
From the desires of the Beast, Shadiana was born, Goddess of witchcraft, shadows, and desire, while Ombrakus was born from the mind of the Beast, unlike the other three of his siblings, he remembers everything. The remains of the ancient beings would create the universe as well as the Primordials, powerful galactic creatures. Who would wage war with the four gods, and from the war only twelve would remain. From the remains of the fallen Primordials, the other gods would be created, Mortal gods born as the offspring of the Primordials, and the living essence of the Primordials would create angels and demons. From the very blood of the powerful beings, mortals were created. This is a tale of how Xierheart was created, of the Four Original Gods.

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