Dark winds

Elizabeth gave a small nod, "So, the God of Blood and Night is truly on our sides. I wouldn't be surprised if his Night Beast would arrive from the Blue Frozen Hells." She gave a small shiver, Mary looked outside and grimaced, "That doesn't look good." She noticed what seemed to be bodies impaled outside the mouth of a cave.
Karzo looked at the cave mouth, "Mantis, Thurnden, we have a situation." He carefully got of his oxen before walking to the cave, he sniffed the air and almost vomited. "It smells awful, like something died after taking a dump." He pulled out his orcish blade, "You know, I heard that some elves, orcs, dwarves, men and some other humanoids were trapped underground after the kingdom of Tinu collapsed into the ground, think they survived after 500 years?"
Darien stopped his guards with a hand raise, "You have my attention, tell me what your terms are and maybe, just maybe, I'll spare you and your tribe." The guards lowered their spears, but continued to surround her.

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