Offers and advisories

"I've seen them, in a way," Nirick began, "the blue burning hells created those weapons the Unlia Army carried. Vampeer made it seem as though he feared them too, to help me gain favor in the orc's eyes, so Darien would find false hope in a way to stop the darkness. Darkness is imminent, we can only accept it and carve out a place for it to reside so everything else may also live."

Anna couldn't help herself and her hand to his thigh, massaging it till she found what she was looking for. "Hearing you speak of them and the way you are, just... well, you know... excites me."

"Behave girl, especially in front of the princesses... I'm sure they've no desire to hear such crude language or see you excite our husband in such a way. You'd think you'd be satisfied after seven times last night alone," Malina replied.

~ ~ ~ ~

(OOC-Thank you for sharing the 'lore'. So what is the hierarchy then? Morkin serves Lucian and Asmodan. Do they serve Obrakus? Trying to figure out if Dothar would fear him or serve another and would stand up to him - assuming whom he does serve would have his back.)

~ ~ ~ ~

"I have my word that I can get to him and kill him, should that be your desire. Clearly, I have nothing... nothing to act as collateral and am in no place to force terms. Should I succeed, what can you offer and how must I prove myself to you in return and grant you peace of mind enough to let me attempt it?"

~ ~ ~ ~

"A fortnight ago I would have said no, but at the same time I would have also said the god of darkness and blood would never enter this realm and aid one of our conquered in rising against us," Mantis replied. "Perhaps Thurnden should stay here to see to your captain? Either way, what would you have us do? Enter and delay getting the princesses to the king or should someone lead them on and a detachment stay behind to see to this other shade of darkness?"

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