Better option

Mary raised a brow at Nirick, "The Blue Frozen Hells? I thought the different Hells were really just one, but seems like the books are correct after all." Elizabeth gave a small nod, "Vampeer is a interesting being, he plans a lot, just like the Cruel Ombrakus." Ombrakus, known to the god of backstabbing and plots is hated by almost everyone, even the demons of the Black Burning Hells hate his with a burning passion.
(The demons hate Ombrakus, Asmodan and Lucien hate his guts, mostly because he was the one to trick them into going against Suntus.)
Karzo looked at Mantis, "I have a better idea." He ordered some mages to walk up to the cave mouth and bring it down. There was screaming of some strange creatures and the sound of rubble falling. Karzo looked at the elves, "I don't think we have to worry about them now."
Darien lifted a brow, "How can I trust you? You slit the throats of your men, you lied to my face, how do I know you aren't try to escape from my wrath, just to have my enemies knocking on my door?" He looked at his guards.

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