Nirick was impressed they were so learned for royalty. "Yes, he has plans and honestly, I trust him. Darkness can only exist with the presence of Light as well. I think he desires a foothold in our realm, where Darkness can prevail. And why not? Many of the undead cannot help they are so - their tortured spirits are unable to pass over or they suffer from an affliction they did not request. Why should they merely perish? What if they could carry on a useful existence?"

~ ~ ~

Dothar snarled at the god. "While I know you could smite me and none would come to my aid, while I know you could impress on me a whole new meaning of the word "suffering", still...," and he spat at the god's feet. He spread his arms wide, ready for an eternity of suffering should it come.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Cruel but effective. Should we have the cave scouted for relics, supplies, means, or survivors? Anything that survived down there so long must be worth studying or investigating. I'm sure our cleric friend could find all sorts of uses for the beings essence," Mantis replied.

~ ~ ~ ~

Brianne laid the daggers at his feet. "I am further unarmed and you can search me, if you like. Surely a man of your strength would have no trouble subduing me. And would I ever offer this if I wasn't inclined? Wouldn't it be an affront to my heritage, my line, and spirits of my ancestors? If I," she said all this while stepping slowly and cautiously forward now to the point where she was so close she could whisper and only he would hear, "let you ravage me?"

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