Dark omens

Elizabeth gave a small nod, "I believe the Solem, the Godslayer King said it best, during the Age of Gods. In order
for their to be peace, there must be conflict. From darkness to light, evil and good. Balance of the world is the law, for as many years of war will always bring many years of peace. He was right, after the Godslayer war, when the mortal gods and remaining Godslayers were banished to the Winter Realm." Mary gave a sigh, "Book worm." Elizabeth smacked her sister, "At least I studied."
Ombrakus gave a laugh, "Oh Dothar, I find this as a compliment, the fact you have the courage to speak up against me makes you a frightening demon. However I'm not planning on killing you, I want to show you something. I want to show you the future, something to give you a reason to keep this alliance." He walked over to the demon, his very steps darkening the ground.
Karzo thought for a moment, "Mantis I'll be staying here, with my captain. Tell our king that I will return once she is healed. I'll investigate while she heals."
Darien whispered into Brianna's ear, "I'll let you go, however everyday on the nights of a new moon, I wish to speak with you. I want you to tell me everything you know, in order to defeat the Beasts. I promised to spare your people when I exterminate the Kingdom of the Moon. Understand?" He turned to walk back to his throne, the guards stepped back to allow her out.

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