Ray of hope

This was a situation where Nirick was beyond pleased he had two wives and not for the obvious, carnal reasons. It had been clear the princesses were very different, he'd have one of each of his wives get close to them. "I think I'll go sit by the driver," and Nirick gave each of his wives a passionate kiss. Rather than slow the coach, he just shimmied out the window and up top.

"I never get tired of that," Malina sighed.

"Well, you did last night," Anna replied, "you were out after the third time. He and I did twice more after you fell asleep."

"You'll have to excuse my cousin, ladies, she doesn't realize there's a time and place to speak like this and whom to say it in front of," Malina said.

~ ~ ~

"I'm listening...," Dothar said cautiously.

~ ~ ~

"As you wish," Mantis replied and saw them settled and left a dozen men with them at his insistence.

They caravan continued on.

(How long do you think until they'd reach the castle?)

~ ~ ~

(Just trying to follow Darien... does mean she should report every new/full moon? How? Magically or return to him/send a message?)

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