The future

Elizabeth watched outside, "I remembered something, there was a story in the book about the fall of Asmodan and Lucien. How Ombrakus tricked Asmodan to rebelling against his father Suntus, and the only reason he lived was thanks to his brother, who sacrificed his wings to save his brother, he said something that is true." Mary looked at Elizabeth."He said, no matter what the punishment, I'll reject my heritage just to save my brother." Elizabeth nodded, "The sacrifice for family."
Karzo headed back to the village. (It will probably take five hours to reach the castle
Ombrakus walked over and touched Dothar's head. Flashes of images filled the demon's head. Vampires battling strange horned creatures, offspring of demons, blades clashing, fire and blood spraying, a war unlike anything before. Ombrakus pulled his hand away, "Now you see it."
(Darien wants her to come outside the capital every new moon. On a path that is the middle mark of Zoria and the Plains.)

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