Start healing...

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Caves were not he best places to treat people and places where the air was foul from what people and animals left behind made it even more unfitting to work in.

Thurden looked down at the Elven woman and started to pray. He knew she needed more care than what he could give in the wild. If he could stabilize her enough to allow her to travel he could study the progression. Healers often learned their craft and the expense of their patient. Thurden was probably the one person alive who wanted to study the Blood plague and the other strange diseases that were appearing.

As he prayed he placed his hand down on her forehead noting the feel of her skin, her temperature. He ran his hand down between her breasts feeling her heart beat and breathing. He lifted her hands and looked at her fingers. Her circulation was getting poor. He pulled a vial from his belt, the potion was intend to make the heart beat faster and harder. The second was a potion that would help the body get rid of toxins. He didn't think it would cure her completely. But it would allow travel to take place.

He aided it all by releasing a healing spell into her body causing it to glow.

Thurden finally spoke to those in the cave, "My friends, I think we would be best served getting this woman to someplace where I can have the tools I need to heal her properly. I believe that what is affecting her is important to learn about." He paused and looked at them. "Either the Castle or the Monastery would do, as long as I have a proper lab to work with." He looked at Mantis letting him know this was a grave situation more so than what his words were saying.

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