Elizabeth and Mary simply ignored Malina and Annalise for the time being. Mary gave a sigh, "Can't I just keep traveling without hearing odd things?"
Ombrakus gave a laugh, "That war you saw was not the war you are going to be fighting in, but rather a war after it. I need you to continue what you are doing, however...Zoria will fall."
Waiting for Brianne once she returned to her village was a collection of transformed barbarians
Some were boars, bears, deer, others were wolves, foxes, bulls, and various other animals. Standing in the middle of Brianne's home village was the Black Wolf himself, he glared at her with his red eyes, "Hello Chieftess."
Karzo gave a nod at Thurden, "I'll watch over Dayla whenever I get the chance. As of now I'll keep some of my men to investigate the caves."

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