Creating weapons for the Conquest

Vampeer smiled as he watch the forge come to life, of course where normal forges were alighted by orange flames and red molten metals, this forge was alighted by blue flames and bright blue molten metal. "So Nirick, I can tell you know how to create weapons, however you don't know how to create armour. Thankfully the weapons you design and create will make up for that. You must be wondering why the flames are blue and what this blue molten metal is correct? For starters, this flame comes from the Freezing Blue Hells, my domain. It's know as coldblooded fire, for how deadly and hot it is. These flames are the only thing that can melt the metal you see here, which is Night Steel." Vampeer dipped his hand into the bubbling metal as if it was cold water. He pulled out a palm full of the metal, it begin to morph into an ingot and almost instantly cooled down in the God's hand. The metal was a deep midnight color that shined blue in the light. He handed the now cold ingot of Night Steel to the halfling, "It won't cool as fast as you think, but examine it and see how it is much superior then any iron or normal steel that you have ever seen." Vampeer was proud of the material from his domain.

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