Warriors of the north

Darien looked at Mantis, a couple other generals in the room were discussing what to do. "Everyone, we are all accounted for now, let us begin." The room became quiet, Darien had a map of Xierheart, the domain that was once Unlia was colored with grass green, the color of Zoria. Darien pointed northward, colored in a deep blue, "With Unlia destroyed, we can finally turn our attention to the savage barbarians in the north, from the Frosty Plains. Now, the people of the Frosty Plains were always at war with themselves, a main reason why we didn't have to worry about an attack from the north, however recent reports have told us that they are beginning to be united under one banner." A orcish man stepped forward, "They call themselves the Kingdom of the Moon, my lord. They are mostly humanoid creatures, however they seem to be cursed by the mark of the Black Wolf." Darien clutched his fist, "The Black Wolf, a man turned beast, those who survive his attacks become monsters like himself." The general spoke up agian, "The natives called them the Beast marked, or Werecreatures." Darien gave a nod, "They are almost impossible to stop, able to transform into their beast forms at will as well as heal from almost any wound, our scouts gave us some valuable information, in the day they are just normal men, and silver makes it where their healing abilities are useless, as well as killing them when it pierces their heart or head. Now, how should we attack this growing problem?" He looked around the room for answers.

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