Well then...

Nirick found Mary and the girls and settled in to relax.

~ ~ ~

Elizabeth had turned from Mantis in a huff. He walked up behind her. All that was 'good' within him yearned to apologize, beg her forgiveness. But he knew he had changed. His life was taking a different route now... one he'd continue on.

"Listen, princess," he said mockingly, "you asked for this. You were flirting with me this whole time and gave me to indication to the contrary. I watched as we became more and more alone here and you never seemed uncomfortable with it. And you need me... you need a man to take care of you. What? Would you rather have some baron who'd treat you like a mare for riding and show and nothing else?

Everything in him boiled.

He evaporated at once from behind her to standing in front of her. "You need me and you best not forget it..."

Then he was across the room, opening the door. "We should get you back. Your sister is probably missing you. Or perhaps she'd prefer to go for a walk instead?"

~ ~ ~

"I only care about freedom and safety... look at me and what I'm willing to endure for my people," Brianne said clearly referring to her new form.

~ ~ ~

"Darien has ordered me and mine remain in these mountains till beckoned. If you see fit to visit, that would be your choice but I shall honor the agreement I struck," Dothar replied.

(Sorry this is all so short... just trying to catch up.)

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