Lucien smiled, "In that case Dothar, keep an eye on my seat. Oh and before I leave." He turned around and faced Dothar, raising his hand and sucking the humanity out of Dothar. "Have that as a reward." He then ate the glowing blue ball of humanity before teleporting out. Vengeance looked over at Dothar, "We'll be back, his intrest of humans has always gotten him in trouble." Vengeance teleported away as well.
Elizabeth gave a nod to Mantis, "I apologize my lord, I forgot myself." She gave him a apologetic bow, "Please Lord Mantis, leave my sister alone. If you desire something of me, I shall do so, just leave my sister alone." She turned to leave but gasped as the door opened to reveal Lucien and Vengeance on the other side, Lucien gave them a smile. "Well well, that's no way to speak to a lady." Vengeance glared at Mantis with hatred. Lucien gave a bow, "Call me Lucien, One of the two Lords of the Black Burning Hells."
Mary looked at Nirick, "I'm guessing you have a plan to get us out of here?" She sighed as she looked around. "I hate waiting."
Ivar gave Brianne a nod, "You are a great leader to do this much for your people. In that case, we will first stop by your village and take it back." Greymane gave a nod, "Whatever it takes for peace."
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